Exceptional...Because You Are (perfume review)

4 years ago

This is the second of two perfume samples that I received when I placed an order with Fragrancenet. This is called Exceptional...Because You Are. They have one for women and one for men. Like Simply Belle, it is made by Exceptional Parfums. I don`t know how exceptional this one really is. It definitely reminds me of something, but I can`t put my finger on what. I`m wracking my brain trying to sort through scent memory to figure it out. Since this is a fragrance that was launched in 2008, it leads me to believe it is a dupe of something on the market already (because I feel that the scent memory I am experiencing is dated beyond 4 years ago) or has extremely similar notes. When I first put this on, it opened with overwhelmingly strong floral scent. I am talking a strength that could nearly knock you over. Even my husband (whom has been forced...I mean..... kindly agreed (lol) to smell my wrist with each new perfume I have worn) reacted with, That is really strong flowers. Did you just put that on? After about 15-20 minutes the flower did die down. It didn`t, at all, go away. It just wasn`t at the point where you were going to get a headache from it....or the risk decreased, anyway. A hint of citrus inched forward. It is a timid citrus and just barely there, though. I saw one person say they think there must be some honeysuckle in it and I have to agree. I can only detect it, though, if I get right up next to the skin and take a couple of deep breaths. It is delicate and light. I wish that particular note were pumped up and brought out more. Once you get beyond the initial flower assault in the opening application of this perfume, I don`t think it is so horrible. At least not as horrible as everyone else has made it out to be. I don`t detect the crazy notes of poison and fumes. Maybe I am just the odd ball here. Saying that, though, I definitely don`t think the name Exceptional should be given to this perfume. It really isn`t exceptional. Over all, this isn`t a scent for very young women. Further, I can safely say this is a perfume that a majority wouldn`t enjoy and a lot of people would probably get a headache from (this is extremely clear from other`s reviews). I wouldn`t wear this in an office setting where your coworkers are likely to become frustrated sitting near you and have to suffer smelling you all day long. While I, personally, don`t hate it, I don`t think it is for me.
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