Ex-Lover Voodoo Doll

5 years ago

Sometimes when a relation ends, the two involved persons pass from depending one from another, to hating each other... Actually this happens frequently. So frequently that someone had the idea to create Ex-lovers voodoo dolls.

I`m pretty sure that everybody knows what voodoo is... It is some kind of sorcery that basically allows one person to control another, using a doll, a voodoo doll.

So, these voodoo dolls where specially designed to separated couples... As you can see there are two versions of the doll that are just different on the colors (one is black and the other is white). On the different parts of the body of the doll, there are different sentences where you can stick the needle and, supposedly, what is written on the sentence will happen to the other person.

I`m not a believer, so in my opinion this is just a joke. But I also think that this can actually help you go through the separation, since these have a psychological side that can help you release the bad energy or bad thoughts that are always on your mind on moments like this.

So, if you`re interested in these dolls, you can buy them for 8£, something like $12.5, which is not that much in my opinion.

And what do you think about these? Would you buy these dolls?

Source link: http://www.geekalerts.com/voodoo-ex-lover-dolls/

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