Evi - Alternative to SIRI

5 years ago

Ever since SIRI was presented i thought it was super cool and wanted to have it on my phone but unfortunately its exclusive to 4S.
Ever since SIRI gain popularity there have been alternative to it being presented and here is a new one : EVI.
Evi is the AI app that works in a similar way to SIRI, but not just like SIRI. Evi will look up information for you and answer questions you might have, just like SIRI does, by searching the web or giving per-recorded answers, which is cool but not what i was looking for.
Apparently EVI does not call contacts, send texts or schedule appointments on your calendar like SIRI does which is a shame because the main use i wanted to give to it is that.

Still, if you want an app to play with and show off and don`t need the personal assistant side of it, EVI is available for both Android and iOS (cool to have it for both OS) and it costs 0.79 for iOS and FREE for Android.

<strong>Have you used SIRI? Would you also like to have SIRI or similar on your phone?</strong>

(picture from the source; video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrCK0ya097Q )

Source link: http://www.limera1n.cc/2012/01/evi-smarter-than-siri-is-now-available.html

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