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I thought I would share with you guys my everyday makeup. So firstly, I don`t wear makeup everyday. I don`t think that wearing makeup everyday is good for your face, but if you do, it totally cool. Since I am homeschooled, I don`t usually have anywhere to go, therefore I like to keep my face clean.

When I do go out however, I like to wear some makeup. If I am not going anywhere too big, then I don`t usually wear eyeshadow, but instead I like to wear some brighter lipstick. So this is what I do for my basic everyday face.

Foundation/Face: For my everyday face, I like to wear foundation, concealer and powder. I am currently using Revlon Photoready Foundation; I use one pump of foundation and apply it with my clean fingers just lightly on the face. From there, I use a duo fiber brush to spread the foundation and blend it out. If I need a tiny bit more coverage, I like to pump a little bit more foundation onto my brush and just pat it onto areas I need.

When it comes to concealer, I mainly only conceal blemishes and under eye circles. I am currently using the NYX Concealer in a Jar and I use just a flat brush to apply the concealer to any areas I need. I blend the concealer with the brush first and if needed, just pat the areas with my fingers.

Finally, I finish with powder. I am currently using the BYS Compact Face Powder and I like to use a big face brush to just blend the powder over my foundation.

Eyebrows: I make sure that I always fill in my eyebrows since my hair is currently darker than my eyebrows. I pretty much only use an eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I like to use a medium-dark colours and an angled small brush to gently fill my brows in by using short strokes.

Eyes: So with my eyes, I don`t use any eyeshadows as such, but I do some other things to make my eyes stand out. So firstly, with my Kohl eyeliner, I line my top and bottom water line. I also use mascara on my lashes. I like to make my top lashes really think and when I coat my bottom lashes, I make them thinner.

Lips: I like to have a bold-ish lip for everyday. Even though my lip in this photo is sorta nude, but I do like to wear a bolder lip since I don`t wear eyeshadow and I want add a little something-something to my look. I usually only wear a pink lip, since I feel like red doesn`t suit me. I wear a different lip most days.

That is basically my everyday look. I don`t wear much makeup, but when it`s written down, it seems like more.

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