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5 years ago

Hi girls! Today i thought i would share with you my Daily, evening face routine. I`ve been seeing lots of these posts lately, so i thought it would be fun to do one of my own.
So in the morning i don`t really do that much skincare wise. I just put on moisturizer before my foundation.(let me know if you guys would want to see a foundation routine) Thats why i thought it would make since to do an evening skincare routine.
I go back and forth between my two facewashes. I change my skincare routine often so i try not to get my skin too used to one certain face wash. The two that i go back and fourth between are my `Alba coconut milk face wash` and my ` Clean and Clear morning burst facial cleanser`.
Normally, for the winter i prefer to use my Alba face cleanser. I prefer this one in the winter because its very moisturizing. Also, it smells very nice and like coconuts. You can get this at target, walmart, cvs and pretty much any other drugstore for around $10. Its a little pricey as far a s drugstore skincare goes, but its defenetly on the higher end and i love it!

Though i love my Alba facial cleanser, i also love my Clean and Clear face wash. I use this facewash the most when i am breaking out in certain spots or when i`m too lazy to take off my makeup. This can also be purchased from basically any drugstore you can think of, i`m not sure of the price but i believe its around $5 or so.

My final step in my evening face routine is moisturizer. I feel like moisturizer is critical especially for the winter. I use the third step in cliniques skincare routine. The ` Dramatically different moisturizing lotion`. This moisturizer is great and gets rid of any dry patches you might have. You can buy this at Sephora for around $24.

Thats my evening skincare routine! If you`d like to see full reviews of any of these products let me know in the comments! Although i already have a full review on the Clinique moisturizer from not too long ago.

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