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4 years ago

hey ladies,

If ya`ll read my previous post, you saw tonight was sushi night with my boyfriend, roommate, and her boyfriend. We just had dinner and now were enjoying a fun night together! We are all always super busy and rarely have time together. So this has been such a fun night... We starting playing apples to apples! This game is sooo much fun!

Here is a quick how to:
The game comes with 752 red cards and 252 green cards. The red cards are things like paying taxes, lightning, truck stops, etc. The green cards are descriptive-type cards like, shocking, relaxing, scary, etc. You start out by dealing everyone 7 red cards. Then one person who is the judge draws one green card and reads the descriptive word and its definition aloud. The premise is for the other people to pick one card in their deck that they think best fits the green cards word according to the judges personality. Each person lays their card face down in a pile. The judge then reads out all the cards and then picks the one they like best. The person whos card gets picked wins the green card. The first one to win a predetermined number of green cards is the winner. Each person also takes a turn being the judge. We played this for hours and had a blast.

The way I see this being played as a drinking game is as follows. Every time a person wins a green card they have to take a shot. Additionally, each time a person takes their turn being the judge they have to take a shot picked by the previous hands winner. If you really wanted to get crazy, in addition to picking the best card the judge could pick the worst card and make the person who threw that one in take a shot.

Im not sure I did an adequate job conveying just how much fun this game is, but trust me when I tell you its one of the best investments you could make if you like to have friends over for a party.

Have ya`ll ever played apples to apples?

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