Even 3-Year-Olds Want to Be Thin

5 years ago

A new study I just read really blew me away. I read that young girls from the age of 3 wants to be skinny!

To test their knowledge they gave 55 girls ages between 3-5 a task. A task that includes three identical dolls. Each doll was in different shapes: thin, average and fat.

The girls were asked to associate good and bad adjectives with each dolls. 3.1 were negative & 1.2 were positive words to the fat figures. Then for the thin ones its 1.2 and 2.7 to the thin people.

Another task was to pick a doll who they`re willing to play with or be Best Friend with. I`m sure majority of the the girls picked the thin doll. There were more task so click the source link to read the rest.

Some of the respond these girls had were shallow. Some comments were like, "I hate her, she has a fat stomach." Whoa! Hearing that from a 3 years is crazy! Girl`s at that age should eat and stay healthy! Calling names at a young age is a problem!

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Source link: http://m.newser.com/story/105533/even-3-year-olds-want-to-be-thin.html

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