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4 years ago

Hi Luuuxies !

I went thrifting today and the store`s name is "Thrift Store" lol. But it doesn`t matter because every store has their own goodies. I know some people are against thrift stores but truth is, the items aren`t always used. I don`t care for expensive items, I find thrifting very fun and definitely beneficial!

Black & White Plaid High Waisted Pants
-This is my favorite purchase EVER from a thrift store! The material is 100% worsted wool. It came with a matching belt and it fits so well ! This item is new with the tags and the brand is Rafella. I`m not really familiar with the brand but the original cost is $49.99 and I got it for $6.49 ! What a major major find right?

Fat Cat Tee
-This is so awesome ! I found this in the little boys section but the arms tell me it`s a crop top. I love this fat cat design. Cats are definitely in still and I feel like it`s vintagy but still modern. The shirt is fairly new, there wasn`t an attached tag but it seems like it hasnt been washed. Well i mean like it`s still crisp and black, no fades. I got this shirt for $1.99 !

American Flag Buttoned vest
- This item also was new with tags ! It`s an X-Large but I figured I`d get it altered. I love the half and half design. I have not seen any shirt like this yet and I think I can add this to many fits ! I got this item for $3.99 !

Black High Waisted Jumper
-I`m not sure if this is even a "jumper". Someone tell me what it is. MC Hammer?! Anywho ! This is just your typical high waisted pants that can be found at forever 21 and stuff like that. It`s not faded and fairly new as well. I got this item for $4.99 !

So as you can see, I did not spend much. There are so many items at thrift stores that are new and unused.
Thirfting Tips :
-Dont be afraid of bigger sizes ! You can always get it altered for a couple of bucks at the tailor.
-Thrift stores get new items every day, so go in the morning!
-Thrift stores have sales too ! They have days where everything is 50-70% off or more !

Thank you guys for checking this out ! Don`t forget to comment below and tell me your opinions about thrifting.

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