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4 years ago

/viz/weekend-pack-giveaway Lately I have been exploring more into korean branded cosmetics and have come to really love products by etude house. Their advertisements and packaging really reflects a youthful playfulness. I`m always on the look out to try new brow pencils since its one of those staple items in my makeup routine. These eyebrow pencils from etude house are the twist up kind which is great since it doesn`t require any sharpening. A thing i really liked about the design was the triangular shape that the product comes out as compared to the normal round ones you find in most twist up style pencils. This is great because you can be much more versitile with what kind of strokes you want to make. This pencil is dual ended and has a spool brush at the opposite end. Personally I am not a fan of it, no particular reason, I just don`t really use it *shrug* The two colours I bought were 02. grey brown [left] and 03. brown [right] These are really inexpensive i think around US$5 which is great. The cons I would probably say the colour range. Although there are 6 colours available to choose from, they mostly cater for people with medium to dark hair. Currently my hair is more to the lighter end and I also prefer my eyebrows to be the same. I;ll probably just keep these around until I decide to change my hair to a darker shade. Also if you wind the product up all the way there isn`t actually much inside so don`t be fooled. However i have found that is the case with a lot of the twist up eyebrow pencils I have bought from asian brands. You only ever seem to get like an inch of product if your lucky! wth? haha but like I said it`s inexpensive and depending how heavy handed/drawn in you like your eyebrows the product will last accordingly. Sometimes I think actual pencils are more worth it as they seem to last longer but I think the laziness in me just likes the convenience of the mechanical type. Which type of pencil do you prefer? ***Photos are me own and taken by me***

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