Ethiopian Cuisine yummm!

5 years ago

So my dad and I went to this small Ethiopian restaurant the other day and it was my first time trying this type of cuisine. He had tried it before so he kind of told me what to expect. But the actual experience is pretty cool and unique. You pick out what dips and salads and what not to get and they dump it all on these round piece of bread called injera. And it`s a lot fluffier and porous than any other kind of bread I`ve tried, almost has the consistency of a light cake, but it`s not sweet. Some of the things that we got on top are lentil salad, chickpea salad, tomatoes, potatoes, potatoes and beets, veggies.. you can also get meat on your injera, but my dad`s a vegetarian and I`m pescetarian for lent :D And it doesn`t look like a lot but omg there was so much food. They also give you a little basket of more injera. No utensils, just injera :)

As an appetizer we also got sambussa which is kinda like a vegetable filled fried dumpling. It`s in a triangle shape, and this again you can get with meat, but we got the veggie one. They give you a brown sauce to dip it in which is really what gives it the flavor. IT WAS SO GOOD :D Really loved this Ethiopian restaurant. We brought some of the sambussa back home for my brother to try and when we asked for a little container to take back the sauce, the guy just filled a small container with sauce from inside. Good customer service :) Definitely going back someday.

Pictures by mee!! :)

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