Estee Lauder Vs Lancome, who wins?

4 years ago

During the last year i have been testing these products out,
investing a lot of my money, cause these are very expensive items

If there is a battle between Estee Lauder and Lancome, for me the winner is Estee Lauder (always)

the price range of Genifique and Advanced Night Repair is the same, over 100 euro for a 50 ml

the result, for me is not the same, i didn`t like Genifique at all, it felt like a watery clear gel, sitting on my skin without sinking in or doing anything to make my skin feel different

very disappointed

Advanced Night Repair is very good (as you can see from the picture) is a tanned color gel less watery than the Genifique, also, when you apply on to your skin, it doesn`t feel like it sits there without doing anything, after a while you blend it in, you can easily feel the skin getting thicker and more smooth, it gives you the effect that the serum it actually sank in

(making you feel less guilty to have spent so much money in a small 50 ml bottle)

the only thing i dont like is the scent..... a very weird scent, not too strong but you can still get it... but it leaves as soon all the serum is blended in

what about Perfectionist by Estee Lauder?

it is a serum, with for me feels like a very expensive primer
covers up the lines the spots the discoloration of your skin
also makes the make up going on so smooth and lovely on top, but when you wash it down
it feels like everything goes away.... so

I don`t dislike the product at all, i dislike the price, and the fact that i have to choose where to "wast/invest/spent" over 100 euro for a 50 ml bottle of serum/primer

as i said in the video, if i was very very rich i will keep buy this too, but i have to make a choice in what for me is more important to have and i think that the winner is

Advance Nights Repair

bare in mind, it isn`t botox, it doesn`t do any miracle, if you are waiting on your skin to change drastically

it wont happen

so take it day by day, enjoying the fact that the skin (my at least) seems to like it

always if you can afford to spend over 100 euro every 3 months

it will last you that long if you use it only at night time

my advice, well it isn`t a MUST HAVE,

it is something worth to try once


try and let me know

PS if you know other products from other brands that you think are good as any ageing
please let me know, i`m always looking for something new to test out :)


Mika xxx

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