Estée Lauder - quotTopazquot 2012

5 years ago

The new makeup collections begin to be disclosed, and Estee Lauder`s spring is, as always, a luxury!

Natural and warm colors come in contrast with the blue topaz some items in the collection and create a color palette inspired by the warm days approaching more and more.

"My inspiration behind the collection was vacationing in Arizona, enjoying the warm sun, the amazing desert colors and the shadows That play on the sand and rocks. I was thinking of a gorgeously healthy-looking woman That Had An element of fantasy in her personality. That I wanted to convey with a strong yet soft palette of colors. "- Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director, Estee Lauder

As the creative director of makeup from Estee says, this collection is inspired on vacation in Arizona (U.S. state where the climate is arid or semi-arid with high temperatures during the summer) where we can enjoy the sun, the colors of the desert and that emerge from the shadows on the rocks and sand.

When the collection was created the visual starting point came when the idea of a woman with perfect skin and fantasy elements in his personality. The palettes created just for having strong colors but still soft, depending on how they are used.

It is a stunning collection of limited edition available now to give birth in January, very possibly in the U.S. alone.

Even for us that we should not have chances to access this collection for various reasons (one being the economic course) at least able to draw inspiration from such varied hues of earth tones and blues, fortunately you can use different products and produce similar results!

Personally I think the blue topaz applied to the water line and eyelashes of the lower model is really beautiful, we can see it, blue-eyed blonde is fantastic, but I bet you girls brunettes, brown-eyed or green, would also benefit positively from a super summer look like this!

All let their imagination run free while dreaming with these beautiful products of Estee Lauder!

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