Essie: To Buy Or Not To Buy

5 years ago

Where do I start with this one? To be 100% honest, I`m not entirely sure how I feel about this polish. Let`s just start with the basics. To Buy Or Not To Buy is part of Essie`s Spring 2012 Collection: Navigate Her. It was released in stores the beginning of February so you should be able to find it easily. Essie describes it as a lavender with shimmer. Oh, Essie. This is one of the misleading points. They say there are shimmers in it. Well, yes...sort of. If you look at the bottle under certain lights you`ll see a blue flash of shimmer swimming in it. However, that does not translate to the nails. I`m not exaggerating in the least bit when I say I have inspected my nails close up, under different light, from different angles, etc. and only here and there do I see even remote shimmer. It is 98% creme finish and the shimmer is lost. I knew this before I bought it because I had seen it mentioned by other bloggers, but there is still that ping of disappointment when you receive it and know they intended for blue shimmer to be there but it just isn`t. I really wish they`d have gone stronger on the shimmer because they already have a nice soft lilac shade: Lilacism. On that note, I haven`t pulled down my bottle of Lilacism to compare side by side. Just seeing this one, though, my mind immediately thinks up Lilacism. I`ll have to swatch them side by side, however, to really see any differences between the two. The consistency was very similar to that of an older Essie. It was thin and runny and not very good pigmentation with the first coat. I wouldn`t say it was so thin that it pooled around my cuticles, but it isn`t as creamy as some of the newer colors that have been put out. It took three coats to get to the point that you see in the photos. I suppose, overall, I`m just underwhelmed. I wanted to fall in love with a lavender shade that had playful shimmer in it. Instead, I just have another lovely pastel lavender to add to the collection. I think underwhelmed sums up my feelings quite well.
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