Essie `Orange, It`s Obvious` amp `Matte About You`

Since my local drugstore just recently started carrying Essie I have been adding to my collection lately. When the spring collection was released I initially only intended to purchase Navigate Her as it was the only color that really appealed to me. However, once I saw Orange, Its Obvious in the store I decided that it also needed to come home with me. It was just so orange and I didnt own any orange polish. Two days ago I decided to change things up and put Orange, Its Obvious to use. I always prep my nails with my Essie Sensitivity Base Coat (which my current favorite base). I then applied two coats of Orange, Its Obvious. I was impressed with how crazy bright it looked, but I could still see the white tips (I believe its actually called the free edge) of my nails through it. The white tips of my fingernails are pretty intensely white so I dont know if that was a factor or not. Also, as with most really bright or neon colors, in my experience anyhow, this goes on a little bit streaky. So with those two issues going on, I thought Id go ahead with a third coat. The third coat seemed to help a bit with the streakiness but I could still see the whites tips of my nails.

As for the formula of this polish, I found it to be really nice. I feel that Essie polishes in general tend to have a nice formula and never seem to be too thin or watery yet they are still quite fluid, which makes application easy. Another thing that I am love, love, loving (I mentioned this in a previous post about Essie Navigate Her) is this new wide flat brush. This brush makes me VERY happy as it allows for the cleanest application I have ever achieved with any nail polish brush. I know OPI added wider brushes to their polishes ages ago but I wasnt impressed to be honest, and they sure as hek dont measure up to the Essie brush. I live in Germany and I bought these bottles of Essie at one of my local drugstores and when I checked some other bottles (not from the new spring collection) they too all had this wide brush. So Im not sure if this new brush is available in North America yet or if they will phase them into circulation or not. I hope for my fellow American ladies that they will though.

I usually finish things off with a coat of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. However, I just wasnt sure if I liked how this looked with a shiny finish. It was getting late though so I thought Id just leave it as it was to see if it grew on me. Well the next morning I wasnt feeling the shiny finish and I decided to give my new Essie Matte About You top coat a try (I just got it a few weeks ago and havent had a chance to try it out yet, and this one still has the old brush by the way). I was a little apprehensive because I really disliked the one matte polish I tried in the past which was by OPI and it just went on so streaky, lumpy and bumpy. I always liked the look of a matte finish though so I thought this top coat would be a nice alternative. Anyhow, once Matte About You dried I loved the effect. It changed the color of Orange, Its Obvious just a bit and it made the white tips of my nails much less noticeable, in fact they were barely visible at all. Ive had this combination on since yesterday morning and so far so good. I am really looking forward to trying Matte About You with a glitter polish though. Ive seen some swatches and the effect looks really cool.

Pic #1: Essie Orange, Its Obvious & Matte About You
Pic #2: New wide flat brush
Pic #3: Two coats of Orange, Its Obvious
Pic #4: Matte About You over three coats of Orange, Its Obvious

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