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Last fall of 2011, essie released a holiday collection called luxeffects. The collection in its entirety can still be found at Target, CVS, Walgreens, Ulta and a bajillion other places. Ive noticed stores seem to be very individual in whether or not they carry this line. One drugstore will and yet another drugstore, by the very same name who is located down the street, wont.

The luxeffects collection features five topcoats:

-A gold flake, very small flake, in a clear base (as gold as it gets)

-A multi-chromatic rainbow flake, various size but larger overall than the gold (shine of the times)

-A rose-gold glitter featuring small round glitter, medium round glitter, and larger hexagon glitter (a cut above)

-A silver shimmer composed of very fine silver particles in clear base (pure pearlfection)

-A silver glitter featuring small round glitter, medium round glitter, and larger hexagon glitter (set in stones)

I have the three pictured to show you:

is the rose-gold glitter. It features three sizes of glitter, all of the same color: small round, medium round, and larger hexagon. It has heavy copper undertones turning this pink into a rose-gold. All of that glittery goodness is suspended in a clear base. With few exceptions, I always appreciate glitter in a clear base. It makes everything much more versatile.

is the mini-gold flake mentioned above. It features a super dense sweeping of little gold particles amongst larger (though still small) gold flakes. All this is suspended in a clear base. It is a lighter gold color on the warmer yellow tone range which also surprisingly features a strong iridescent quality.

is, what I consider, the star of this show (and by show I mean the entire line, not just the three shown here today). She is a multi-chromatic rainbow flake of various sizes suspended in a clear base. What is amazing about this polish, all of these polishes, is how amazingly dense they are. None of the flakies I own come close to how packed this one is with those little rainbow pieces. shine of the times also shifts to every color, rather than the usual range of 2-3.

All swatches in this post feature just one coat of each luxeffect!!

Overall the collection did impress me far more than what was expected. Shine of the times is a must buy, especially if you dont own any flakies, and the gold was much better out of the bottle. I wouldnt run out and break the bank but dont be weary either as theyre all quite beautiful!

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