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4 years ago

Another package that I ordered out of boredom. Two of these were actually on my wish list, the others I added in because I didnt want to settle with only the two.

What I ordered:
Going incognito
Sexy divide
OPI Coney Island cotton candy

Ive never liked Going incognito but something about the picture I saw on Ebay told me I should maybe try it. Wont hurt really. I have a feeling Ill like it which is weird considering I wasnt so fond of it to start off with. If not, I can always layer glitter on top because that can change my opinion about some polishes sometimes.

Mesmerise is one that quite a few people talked about, mainly because of the name change. Initially it should have been something like mesmerized, that doesnt bother me so much though. Its the colour Im more concerned about.

I really liked the swatch I saw of sexy divide and Im pretty sure I sure this one somewhere on Luuux a long time ago. Maybe, Im not sure. Its purple as well! I think I only own one dark purple so far because I see more of the brighter ones when Im purchasing.

Now heres the weird one out of the batch. Coney Island cotton candy, an OPI which looks highly suspicious. I wanted some sort of sheer pinkish nude colour and this hit the spot. Looked like what I was looking for when I received it except it looks and feels a little weird. Ive rolled it in my hands a hundred times and I feel like it weighs a little less than my other 15ml OPIs.

Not only that the bottom glass bit seems a bit thicker than the other ones too. I remember reading on some other sites before that one of the ways to detect whether an OPI is fake is see if they have two steel balls in the polish. This one has it, a little bit bigger than the ones Ive seen in my other polishes though. I think Id still continue to use it, the other ones Ive bought from the supplier doesnt seem so fake so this one might be the bad egg out of the batch? I dont know.

What do you guys think of the polishes I bought? Whats the recent Essie shade you bought?

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