Essie $2, Color Club $1.25...! More and more brands!

4 years ago

OMG! Where do I begin? I had a late appointment today so I didn`t get out until 7:30PM. As always I don`t know what "go home" means so I stopped by Rite Aid. Amen to the man above because I literally hit the jackpot! No I didn`t win the lottery because if I did I wouldn`t be on Luuux right now! Haha

I browsed the front store to see if I saw anything new and I did. I told myself I`ll come back to it. I went to check the end cap by the clearance section! Holy cheese and rice! I must be dreaming because I`m only human. I touched the polishes and I wasn`t dreaming at all! Haha I saw Essie polishes and trust me I surely walked my butt up in the front for a shopping cart. Forget the basket I`m not carrying a whole load of polishes!!! Haha

I knew it was going to be awhile picking what I wanted. So I decided to snap these pictures to let you know. GET TO YOUR RITE AID RIGHT NOW AND THANK ME LATER! :D I was all over the nail polishes sorting what I wanted. There were so many brands I can`t even tell you. Haha! I saw there was the new Essie collections for $2 each, Color Clubs for $1.25. It was the Take Wing collection, and the ones I posted a few weeks back! Sinful Professional for .50 cents, L`oreal I think it was $1.50? $2.00? It was cheap though. There was so many for me to remember. But yeah! If you look at the pictures that is everything that was on sale! They`re aren`t much Essie in the picture because it was in my shopping cart. Lol. I ended up spending $40.50 for 19 items. I bought 13 Essie & 6 Color Club nail polishes. Eeeeks!

<strong>The transaction:</strong>
13 Essie x $8.00 = $104
13 Essie x $2.00 = $26

Saved: $78.00!!!! :D

6 Color Club x $4.99 = $29.94
6 Color Club x $1.25 = $7.50

Saved: $22.44!!!! :D

Total: $133.94 without the sale price!!!
Total saving: $100.44 with sale price!!!

I came home too late so post won`t be up until this week. Working afternoon shifts ruined my time to take pictures. :( Also, I`m thinking about pushing my giveaway back since I don`t have the time to put everything together. Plus I`m working without a laptop still. It`s hard for me you know? Another great news I`m thinking about having a blog sale soon. On makeups, nails polishes and other things. They need a new home so hopefully I can get it together as well. I hope you enjoyed my post!!! Watch out for what I post the next few days. One love!

1. Are you planning to go to Rite Aid today?
2. Are you excited to see what I bought???

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