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5 years ago

Hello Luuuxers!
So I have a lot of posts that I want to do for you about summer, that is so near =)
Now I want to tell which clothes I think that are essential for summer, then I`ll do a post with looks with some of essential pieces from my wardrobe :)
So, lets start:
the first essential are tops: lots of tops, with differente cuts, with different colours, patterns, messages, fancy tops for night outs which ever you like =)

shirts and sweaters: they add effort to our look, and they warm us up when it`s cooler =) I need to buy a denim shirt, but I wear plaid and white shirts open with a top under =) sweaters, can be from your taste, I like the basic sweaters, but I also love those sweaters with cute patterns and colours =)

shorts: my favourite pice of clothing for summer without any doubt, I have some pairs, but I would deffinetly love to have more (I absolutely need a pair colourfull and another in lace) They can be very casual, but you can wear them for a fancy day too, it all depends in which kind of fabric are the shorts and what you dress on top =)

dresses: always a good choice, with little efort to have a nice look, I prefer short dresses (because I`m tiny, and those long dresses aren`t good for me) for summer I like white dresses or colourfull dresses =) here I include rompers and jumpsuits, I dont like jumpsuits, but rompers, oh boy I love them, and I work with them just like the dresses, it is so easy and comfortable to wear them!

Jeggings/jeans/pants: well I wear jeggings, jeans and pants in every season, but on summer I try to wear only the lighter ones, otherwise it will be too hot, I like a lot to wear my coloured jeans, and my white pants (I dont use them on winter, are soo cooler that I`m cold with them)

outerwear: for summer, I use cardigans, shirts, denim jackets, and only if the weather is cooler (or thretening to rain) a beige leather jacket that I have from last year.

for my feet: It depends on what I`m doing through the day, so I choose between sneakers (pretty ones), sandals (high or low), flip flops, pumps, dressy shoes, etc (:

Accessories: I usually do not wear a lot of jewelry, but a cute necklace or bracelet, a pair of earrings or a watch are always nice to embelish an outfit, just be aware to not exagerate, remember: less is more =)

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