Essence sun club matte bronzing powder in blonde - Review, swatches and comparison

From left to right: Essence bronzer in blonde, Sephora bronzer in bora bora, Guerlain terracotta bronzer in 00, Rimmel bronzer in sun light and Nars bronzer in casino

Hello Bloggers,

It has been a crazy long time since my last post. I got to University and that occupied the majority of my time. I`m going on vacations in a week and I`ve hit pan on almost all my bronzers and powders so I decided to go buy some cheap alternatives to bring with me during the trip because I find that when you`ve hit pan, a product is more prone to breaking. I wanted something really cheap so when I passed in front of the Essence display and saw their bronzer for about 4$ (don`t quote me on that) I knew that I wanted to give it a try especially that it`s hard to find a good matte bronzer from the drugstore. When I swatched it and first applied it, I was so impress that I really wanted to put a review out there because I feel that this product doesn`t get nearly enough recognition in the beauty community on YouTube. So here`s my review:

Pigmentation: This bronzer is super pigmented. It is the most pigmented bronzer I have ever seen. I honestly think the pigmentation beats Nars casino, Guerlain terracotta, Rimmel, Sephora brand and Art Deco.

Finish: This bronzer has a lovely matte finish and has absolutely no shimmer. It is perfect for contouring.

Texture: It`s a really soft powder. You only need to slightly touch the tip of your brush in it to get product on the brush.

Application: it applies smoothly and evenly and is quite blendable.

Color: The color is a really nice tan color more on the dark side even if it`s for blondes but works great on my light skin. It doesn`t look orange at all on me.

- price
- pigmentation
- application
- product amount

- product amount (the pan is quite big so it might not be the best for somebody who wants to put it in it`s makeup bag)
- compact slightly hard to close (that`s being picky)

Packaging: 7/10
Price: 10/10
Pigmentation/color: 9/10
Application: 9/10

Average: 8.75/10 (A)

Overall, I thing this is a really great product. It is really affordable and is quite easy to find (i got mine at Shopper`s drug Mart). It has a great value for the money and I would recommend it to anyone. The fair color would look nice on anyone from light to medium skin (maybe would be too dark for extremely fair skins) and they even have a shade called brunette that would be nice for deeper skin tones or somebody who likes heavy contouring. So that`s it for today, I hope to be able to post some other posts in the near future.

Thanks for reading,
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