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So this is for all those in Canada who really wanted to give Essence a try! Essence was originally not sold in Canada until recently, I wanna say like a year ago maybe? It is only available at Shoppers Drug Mart unfortunately, but it is decently priced, I think Essence regulates the price because Shoppers Drug Mart tends to over price their makeup a bit compared to Walmart.
So this is my first time trying out any eyeshadow from Essence, and I definitely wanted to get something that would allow me try a variety of colors and textures. Thus I decided to settle for a palette from their Sun Club collection?
So I got Essence`s <strong>Sun Club Glamour To Go Eyeshadow in South Beach</strong>. There is another palette in the Sun Club collection, it`s called Long Beach, which has more nude/brown shades in it! I was debating a bit about whether which one to get because I looked at the colors in the South Beach palette and then at the Long Beach palette. I was close to getting Long Beach but my boyfriend made the point that the colors in Long Beach look awfully similar to the colors in my Naked 2 palette, hence I went with the South Beach palette.

<strong><em>So what are the colors in this palette?</em> (top row then bottom row, left to right)</strong>
<ol> <li><strong>A vivid deep sky blue shimmer</strong> - This is probably the color that drew me into the palette the most, it was so bright and that just caught my eye.</li> <li><strong>An orange based peach</strong> - From my own swatches, this is an almost matte color I believe (has unnoticable shimmers almost), it`s a bit bright but I can definitely see it working for me if I were doing a light makeup look.</li> <li><strong>A peachy pink shimmer</strong> - This is such a nice color, I absolutely love it, its a pop of color without being too crazy! This could definitely be an all over eyelid color for me!</li> <li><strong>A light tan glitter</strong> - This is my least favourite shadow from the bunch, its gritty and not pigmented at all, you can probably see from the swatches!</li> <li><strong>A dark mint green shimmer</strong> - Again another fun color to work with potentially, especially since I`m trying out different color combos now!</li> <li><strong>A mint green shimmer</strong> - This one definitely seems a bit too bright for me but again, it never hurts to try right!</li> <li><strong>A brown shimmer with glitters</strong> - This would be a god crease color, if it didn`t have the glitters in it, but it doesn`t bother me!</li> <li><strong>A light taupe shimmer</strong> - Absolutely gorgeous, this is definitely a color that I could use to blend out any harsh lines!</li> </ol>

So I found that this palette gravitated towards more blues and greens but the colors aren`t overly bright to a point that normal people can`t wear it. I can see the blues and greens being used to line the water line underneath your eyeliner to add a pop of color if you don`t feel comfortable with it on your lids because its bright! But the great thing is that they also include some neutral-ish shades in this palette to so that it balances things out a bit. Overall, I`m satisfied with the quality and pigmentation of the palette, minus the one crappy color, maybe I got a bad one but I really wanted that color to work for me.

The packaging is cute to me, it`s small enough to take on trips, but you still get a decent amount of product in it. I wanna say that the whole palette when closed is honestly no bigger than a digital camera and its only like 1.5 cm thick, so it could totally be something you just throw into your purse for touch ups! What I`m a little disappointed about is the fact that the palette doesn`t come with a mirror, like if you ever saw the back of the palette on the inside, a mirror like foil covers the back, but it`s not clear enough to do your makeup or even use to touch up your makeup with!

So like I said, you can only purchase Essence at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, and even on the back of the products, there is a sticker that explicitly claims that if the product is sold elsewhere, please notify them. I got the palette for $4.49 CDN, which by no means is expensive compared to the pricing that Shoppers Drug Mart has for other cosmetics like L`oreal and Covergirl.

Essence is definitely worth a try for those in Canada simply because its good drugstore quality and its affordable!

What do you think? Have you tried any Essence makeup before or their eyeshadows? Do you like the colors?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)
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