Essence of Beauty Brushes. A review!

4 years ago

Hi everyone. I have had these Essence of Beauty Brushes for about 2 years now and I bought them from CVS. I actually totally forgot about them and pulled them out again around a month ago and I love these brushes so much! They are amazing! I have two crease brushes and a smaller crease brush and a flat dense eyeshadow brush. So let me address these brushes individually.

The eyeshadow brush: This brush is little bit bigger/ wider than the traditional eyeshadow brush you can get from MAC or from Sigma but it is a nice brush for a highlight and lid shadow application because it really packs on the color really well and it is quite dense as you can see in the last picture.

The crease brush: This brush has changed the way my eyeshadow looks, it is very flexible and is it so incredibly easy to shape my shadow in my crease the way I want to. Also this brush is a great brush to use in the crease because if you have a smaller crease area, it is a perfect fit. It is also very dense so it is really easy to build up the color of even poorly pigmented shadows. I honestly love this brush to pieces!!

The smaller crease brush: This brush is essential because it is the perfect size to define the outer V. It is the perfect size to add enough darkness or anything you are going for because it is so precise and it is less likely that you will over do it. It also packs on color really really well. I love this brush!

Overall, I am glad I started to use these brushes again because they have really enhanced the way my shadows look. I love them and highly recommend them. These brushes have very minimal shedding, I never really had a problem. I hope you found this helpful, thanks for reading!!

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