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4 years ago

I didnt realize until lately, but I had never personally purchased my own lip liner. I had been given them in some way or another. A couple of months ago I had a huge cleanup of all my makeup, which resulted in me throwing a lot out. Also meaning I had no lip liners.
At all. I didnt think much of it for a while, but then I decided to go to the shops and I was looking at the Essence stand. They had five lip liners, which were pretty basic colors that you would need in your everyday collection. I was only going to choose one.
But one became two, and that quickly became all. (When I say all, I mean all that they sold there. I am not sure if there are anymore! But I will be checking soon!) The reason I also bought them all was because of the price! They were super cheap, and the thing is Essence is cheap, but usually good quality.
They were $1.95 each!
Review time 11 In The Nude This lip liner is defiantly a nude, as the name itself says. I love neutral and natural looking lips for an everyday look, and usually just skip every lip product and just put on a chap stick. But this color is so beautiful, and it is similar to what a lip color is just more of a muted brown than the pink in the lip. When applied to the lip and blended in its great. 05 Soft Berry Not too sure where the berry comes into play, because it is more of a wine with a brown tint. Saying this though, it is fun to play with because it is a darker color. Personally darker colors suit me, so this is a great one for my collection! 10 Femme Fatale I was really excited for this one because I thought it would go good with my MAC Russian Red Lipstick! (Which I managed to lose. And it had limited edition packaging! Not happy!) This is not as vibrant or red as Russian Red, it is more of a pink red but is still beautiful either way! 08 Red Blush I kind of bought this one for the sake of it, but It has quickly become one of my favorites! I think because it is more of a Vampy lip color, so when I want to play around or Im going out for a party I think this would be fun for a more seductive look than a lighter look. 07 Cute Pink This one is the lightest out of the Lip Liners, and I think it is beautiful. I dont tend to wear pinks very often, but this one is nice and I would wear it! It is just a basic lip color that I think everyone needs to own!
Overall thoughts! I would usually do a Pro and Con comparison, but there are hardly any cons! The only thing I would say is that they break a little too easy, but that could just be because of where they are stored. They are very creamy, and apply smoothly. This means it is easy to control where I would like to apply it. The packaging is good, because it is just normal packaging of course. The names are cute, though I am not sure if they suit some of the colors. But it is the thought that count! Every time I got to the shops I will defiantly buy more if there are, and if they come out with some in collections I will also buy them! For something that cheap I would recommend them to all my friends! Essence still manages to be one of my favorite brands! I cant wait to own more!
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