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4 years ago

hey luuuxer...This stuff will cover just about ANYTHING! ...and that`s what I LOVE about it. I formerly used Boi-ing and never liked it, but was unaware of Erase Paste`s existence. Man, now that I`ve gone to EP, I`ll never go back to ANY other concealer. For goodness sake, it comes with a SPATULA; that`s some serious face Spackle! I use EP mostly under my eyes, to cover my insomniac circles, and what I love most about this product is that it DOESN`T gather in my laugh lines like Boi-ing does. The coverage is also unparalleled. I find it best to rub the fingertip I`m going to use to apply it with on the opposite palm to warm it up with friction, then dab my warmed up (clean!) finger lightly into the pot. From there, I apply it carefully under my eyes (or on any blemish that may have popped up) and then set with a light dusting of powder. I get all day (and night, if necessary!) wear from a quick application, and people that know I`m an insomniac have asked how I manage to hide my circles. Also worth mentioning is that I saw some others say something about`s the thing, everything in a prestige line is pricey--some things are definitely at an extreme premium (re: the POREfessional is $29 for something that might last a month if you really have serious pores like me!). EP, however, is very reasonably priced, even taking into account that it`s a prestige cosmetic. As much as I LOVE this EP, I`ve been using it for a little over 2.5 years, I think, and I`ve only ever purchased 2 pots. And the only reason I purchased the 2nd is because I lost a 1/2 full pot 1.5 ye

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