Epcot`s Food and Wine Festival!

2 years ago

Once a year, a wonderful event takes place at Disney`s Epcot theme park. Every fall, the International Food and Wine Festival arrives and, with it, comes a delicious assortment of amazing foods and drinks that aren`t normally available in the park. It`s a great time to try some new dishes and have a great time with friends!

A group of friends and I went to Food and Wine a few days ago and we had an absolute blast walking around and trying all the yummy foods and killer drinks. We started in Mexico at the World Showcase and went clockwise around the park. During the festival, a bunch of new countries pop up with little quick service stations that serve traditional foods and beverages. You can try food from places like Singapore, Greece, Poland, and Ireland (countries that are not normally exhibited in Epcot)! Singapore is always one of my favorites :)

The foods you can try tend to be around $4-$7 which is pretty reasonable considering it`s Disney, lol. The drinks tend to be on the pricier side, but what`s a trip around Epcot without some nice alcoholic beverages (the vodka slushies in France are always amazing!!)?

My friends and I enjoyed trying and sharing foods from different countries and walking around and having a good time with our drinks. It`s a great way to relax and spend an afternoon or evening! One of our favorite stops was for chocolate-covered cannoli outside Italy. YUM!!

After eating and drinking our way through the World Showcase, we headed back toward the front of the park and rode Spaceship Earth (the line is always nonexistent in the evening!) and then made our way to the festival center for some free Ghirardelli chocolates. We`re planning on heading back soon to try the things we didn`t get to this time - there`s too much to do in one day during the festival! I can`t wait to go back! :)

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