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3 years ago

It seems like I am always looking for an `easy way out` (other then waxing) in order to get a good short cut to shaving! I have waxed many times before, but prefer to not pay someone to literally put me in terrible pain for an hour as they wax off my hair, and I sit there in tears (legit tears!). Anyway other then waxing I shave on the daily, even though we all know shaving is the biggest pain, but it has barely any pain added to the mix....Lets not forget the fact that I am Italian and add that to the mix, enough said huh? I am that girl who shaves at 6am before work, and by 3pm I already feel stubble...Its just fabulous let me tell you chicks! Why couldn`t we be born without hair, only on our heads!?

I recently came across the EOS Shaving cream in my local Rite Aid, and decided since I love their lip balms and have literally every flavor, and apply them about 5 times a day, I had to try out the shaving cream. EOS Means evolution of smooth, so naturally they should have the best shaving products, which of course should leave your skin nice and smooth! So I naturally grabbed both bottles that were stocked on the shelf, because that would be the realistic thing to do! I quickly grabbed Vanilla Bliss, and Pomegranate Raspberry and sadly I could not wait to try it out. (Fun Friday night!)...

I realized that the shaving creams are supposed to be good for a dry shave or a shave in the shower, which made it sound even more of a good purchase, because we always miss those spots, and always need to touch up. Of course shaving without jumping in the shower can save us all a good 20 minutes or less. So to market that you can shave without water, really has its perks....You got me there EOS....

As soon as I got home, I smelled both of the scents, and they both smell great. The Vanilla Bliss just has a sweet vanilla scent, and the Pomegranate Raspberry smelled even better, like Raspberries! I will say that I expected the Raspberry shaving cream to be the same fun pink color as the bottle, however it came out a ivory color like the Vanilla Bliss. The bottles themselves are fun, they have the perfect soft grip for them to hold the bottle, and are not slippery so when you are in the shower they do not fall out of your hand. The bottles have a pump, which helps in the shower as well. I have to admit the bottle itself is made of a soft bottle like I said, so there will not be any rust on it, like normal shaving creams!

When I tried the shaving creams, I was expecting more then what I got. Don`t get me wrong, I love the product, however it seems like using Conditioner like I have been doing for years now gives you almost about the same result. I can say I like the consistency of the Conditioner better, because it was thicker. Best of all I do not use a ton of Conditioner when washing my hair, so to use the Conditioner is not as wasteful if I did not use it. I sort of wish the Eos shaving cream was a little more thicker in consistency like Conditioner. However I can be saying this because I have been using Conditioner for years now, and am just use to shaving with it. I will say my legs were smooth after using the EOS shaving cream, and it smelled amazing. But when I ran out of the shower, and of course realized that I surprise surprise missed a few spots, I knew that was the time to try the dry shave.

Now I can totally read directions and have common sense, but I felt as if I needed directions on what to do without using water. After I used no water, I had to get the extra product off with a wet wash cloth, so there was no purpose of not using water. Maybe I needed directions...Call me crazy...

They shave creams were under $4, and I believe $3.50 each, which realistically is pretty reasonably priced compared to the other shaving creams, which are around the same price. I am not sure if I will purchase this shaving cream again! I think I need to continue with using it but I am still iffy on the product. This is not necessarily a product I must have on a deserted island with me, but it also had a nice finishing touch by leaving my legs moisturized and smooth! I will admit I am a little disappointed because I love this brand, and was expecting a tiny bit more, especially for what their brand is all about! I am going to try it for a few more weeks and see how I feel! Hopefully it will prove me wrong!

Smells great
Great bottle
7 ounces of product
Soft grip
Leaves skin smooth, and fresh feeling
Reasonably priced

Couldn`t really use dry
Not sure about consistency

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