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4 years ago

So I was at Walgreen the other day just to walk around. I didn`t think I was going to buy anything but ended up buying 3 Eos Lip Balms. I got the Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle melon, and the Summer Fruit.
Summer Fruit - Fruity Scent. I love it. It smells so wonderful when you apply it on, and it tastes good too. Though I recommend you don`t eat it ;)
HoneySuckle Melon- Same thing as the Summer fruit , very fruity smell. With more of a Honeydew smell. This is my favorite scent out of the 3 and I definitely will be using this a lot.
Strawberry sorbet-Personally I hate this scent. It smells Disgusting and smells nothing like what strawberries smell like. It smells more like wax and artificial strawberries mixed together. I don`t like this smell but my friend does so I gave it to her.
EOS Lipbalms are perfect but a little awkward because you can`t fit it in a pocket of jeans or anything tight. Also this lip balm doesn`t actually last on your lip that long. the first 3-5 minutes it`s soft but after a while it just feels dry again.
But the scent is just wonderful and you wouldn`t find any smells like this in any other lip balms!
Go try it out :)

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