English VS American Chocolate

4 years ago

Hey guys!

So, basically, I freaking love chocolate. There`s no two ways about it.
I just REALLY like chocolate.

On my last trip to the USA last year, I discovered that chocolate over there tastes REALLY different. To my English taste buds, it tasted kind of waxy, and not as sugary or milky, and overall, I didn`t enjoy it that much, which was really disappointing. The only think I could really stomach was Hershey`s kissables, and I don`t even know if they make those any more I thought the normal kisses tasted kind of horrible!

SO I was just wondering; what do people from the US think of English Chocolate, if you`ve ever tried it?

Comment below to tell me what you think? :)
Is it different in other countries as well? For example in Australia and China and things? I haven`t really had that much from outside Europe and would love to know! :)

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