English Pork amp Chicken Pies!

5 years ago

These delicious looking things are English pork pies and a chicken pie! I have a local little grocery store/butcher thats also an English bakery in the town I live in. I grew up going to this place as my mom also grew up going there. When my mom used to go to there the pies were 25 cents, when I started going there they were about $1.10, theyre now almost $3 for one. Since its not one of those things you only buy one of, I tend to go there only once in a while and pick up a few pies and bring them home. My brother came by to visit with my niece and he finished eating this when he came in, so of course that brought on the craving for one! Theyre delicious, made fresh that morning, so a variety of them are served hot (over the years theyve come out with a variety of flavors: Rueben, Hot Dog & Beans, Italian, Hot Italian, Hamburger & Onion, Teriyaki, Chicken Parm, BBQ Chicken, etc.), while they also have some cold for those who prefer it that way.

My favorite, hands down, is the English pork pie! Its a very delicious, soft but a bit crunchy on the edges crust, filled with ground pork. The chicken pie is the same thing, except its filled with shredded white meat chicken. My third favorite (not pictured because they didnt have it) is the Rueben which is corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing inside the same crust. I purchased 1 chicken and 2 pork pies. I introduced my boyfriend to these a few months after we started dating and he actually ate my pie because he ordered some beef one and when I looked at them, I gave him my pie on accident. He ate it and said it was delicious, and then when I ate mine (which was his) I was like what the hell is this? LOL! So now we go with what we like and the chicken is easy to recognize because they draw a C into the top of the dough.

I know a lot of people eat these in a lot of different ways. Many eat them plain just as they are, I eat the pork one with ketchup as does really all of my family, and one of my friends in Utah said they eat these with cream of mushroom soup on them. I guess it all varies on your personal taste and what is the norm in whatever region you live in.

<em>So, have you ever tried an English pork pie? If not, would you ever try it?
What is one of your go-to meals that you like once in a while that may remind you of your childhood?</em>

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