English Coffee Candy Review!

2 years ago

With the craziness of finals it`s important for self care. So I decided to head to the British shop and get a little treat to cheer myself up. I had to take a quick look around since I did not have much time to really shop and asked the shop keeper if there were any coffee flavoured candies. And was told that coffee flavoured candies are not popular in the UK (which probably explains why the English love their tea so much). However there is one sweet available in that flavour. So I decided to pick up a tin of Simpkins Coffee Flavoured Travel Sweets.


-I wanted something coffee flavoured since I would like to believe that there is a hint of caffeine to help me get through the dreaded studying part. Even if there is no caffeine, I think the coffee taste would have a psychological impact to make me believe that I`m drinking coffee.

-Flavour: I decided to get the coffee flavoured ones, however, Simpkins makes various flavours such as butterscotch, strawberries & raspberries, and banana chocolate.

-Texture: Theses are hard candies and are covered in a white powder. I`m not entirely sure what kind of powder it is, but it seems flavourless to me.

-Taste: The coffee flavour is not super strong, however, I would say it`s semi-strong. The candy is sweetened such that it hides the bitter coffee bean taste. So this candy would be good for those that don`t enjoy the bitterness of coffee. I do enjoy the taste of it.

-Size: I was surprised as to how big each candy was. I was expecting them to be quite small, but each candy is about the same size as a quater. There`s quite a bit of candy in the tin, so it should last me awhile.

-Price: One tin costs $4.95 CAD.

Overall, I`m pleased with my quick purchase and would buy these again when I`m done. I`m also interested in trying other flavours by them.

Have you tried Simpkins before?

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