Engineers create chip that uses light and can act as a CPU and GPU

Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, created a new type of computer circuit. Unlike conventional silicon, the new chip uses light (no electricity) to perform its functions.

The chip works like this: when you create an array of nano-rods, the light flux can be treated as voltage and current. These rods can be configured to emulate electrical components such as resistors, inductors, and capacitors. The new technology has already received an official name: "Metatronic."

According to its inventors, the new chips are faster and more efficient than traditional silicon. Plus, the engineers found a curious property, which was called "loop" stereo. A set of nano-rods can act as two different circuits, depending on the plan of the field. This means that your CPU can become a GPU just changing the sign. Any doubt that the new technology could revolutionize the industry?

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