Engagement dinner on Anini Beach

5 years ago

Some of you may know from S Mak`s post on Anini Beach back in September while me and the boyfriend at the time went on vacation to Kauai got engaged. It happen to be on Anini Beach and Pierce Brosnan actually lives up the road on Anini Beach but it is up a private drive so we couldn`t go stalk him, otherwise I would`ve lol.

Anyways after the long day we had which started out with a small fight in the morning about how it takes me forever to get ready and him not helping with washing the dishes in the morning, we headed to a 5 hour cruise up the Na Pali coast during the day, where I got sea sick and barfed my guts up and it was painful and I hate boats :(. I ended up being the last one to get off the cruise and we drove home and I got some gatorade in and he was like "You`re going to be good for dinner right?" I was like "I don`t know. Can`t we stay in for dinner?" He was like "Well I have reservations made for dinner and I`m sure you`ll feel better after you shower." So I showered and then laid on the couch and saw he had a restaurant review open on trip advisor and looked and was like that looks alright. Then we started driving and I was like where the hell are we going? We were driving to a neighborhood area and then saw the beach and I was like man where is this restaurant then saw a lady on the side of the road in the back of her truck cooking and I knew from seeing her that this is the night and it`s going to happen plus he was all weird about bringing his camera in the backpack and not just bringing the camera lol.

The lady that did our dinner owns http://www.heavenlycreations.org/ We had Lightly Blackened Shrimp Skewers with Lilikoi Glaze as an appetizer which we forgot to take pictures of sorry, then a Kaua`i Organic Greens with edible flowers (chive flowers) with a Lime-Ginger dressing, then I had the Organic free-range Chicken and he had the fresh local fish which was a Ahi fish of some sort and we both had Tropical Fruit Salsa, Pineapple Cashew Basmati Rice and Broccoli with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with our meals. For dessert we had the Chocolate Decadence and the Grilled Pineapple & Banana w/ Coconut Ice cream which we didn`t take pictures of since they weren`t that special as it was like a nice chocolate cake, but the grilled pineapple was delicious. The meal overall was really good even though I didn`t have much of an appetite because I had been throwing up half of the day on the cruise which I will post on later. But it was a delicious meal and a great combination of flavors. If you are going to ever propose to someone this is such a great way of doing it and the sparkling wine served with dinner helps too haha. But this is a great thing to do for an anniversary, birthday, engagement, or any special occasion with a loved one. We both agreed we would go back and do this some day in the future for an anniversary and hey may be Pierce Brosnan will still live there and jog past us since he does jog on the beach quite often apparently.

Thanks for reading it was quite a long post lol

Has your significant other ever planned a nice day or dinner for the two of you?
Have you ever planned a day like this for your significant other?
What`s the most romantic thing that your partner has done for you?
Or are you the romantic one planning things?

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