End the Search for the Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

It seems that for years I struggled to find the perfect eyeliner. I`ve used everything from pencil liner, liquid liner, kohl liner, and pod liner, all to no avail. That is, until I found Physician`s Formula felt-tip liquid eyeliner.
Before this amazing discovery, I struggled with the problem of using pencil eyeliner, which was easy to apply and touch up, (but smudged if the wind blew too hard), and brush-on liquid eyeliner that was IMPOSSIBLE to apply. (Seriously, if you can use those stupid little brushes to put eyeliner on in a straight line, I bow to you). I used to think to myself, "Hmm, if I could just use a Sharpie marker, this would be so much easier." Of course I never got that desperate, but that`s only because I found Physician`s Formula felt-tip eyeliner. WISH GRANTED. It`s almost exactly like using one of those fine-tip Sharpie markers!
It goes on as smooth as butter and stays there until you take it off. No, really! I sometimes forget that I have eyeliner on and rub my eyes, but nothing happens! No smudges, no clumps, nothing! This has to be some sort of magic or witch craft because its almost too good to be true. I started using this eyeliner nearly 3 years ago and have not bought ANY OTHER BRAND in that time.
You can find Physician`s Formula felt-tip eyeliner at most drug stores, and at an awesome price. If I remember correctly, the eyeliner is around $8.00 and lasts about a month, (depending on how often you use it, of course).
If you`ve never used liquid eyeliner, BUY THIS!
If you use liquid eyeliner every day, BUY THIS!
If you love pencil eyeliner and hate liquid eyeliner, BUY THIS! (I promise you will change your mind)

When I first take my eyeliner out of the package, I bend the felt-tip part to kind of "release" some of the eyeliner (this will make sense if you have used it before or have it sitting in front of you). I usually use the lid from my old kohl liner to get some of the liquid out and then use the felt-tip to brush it on. How ironic.
This is completely up to you and totally not necessary. I like a thicker line, though, and doing this helps a lot!

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