End of the luuux ?

Hello guys !

Maby it`s just me but... i think that luuux is ending. I couldn`t log in for about two days, i can`t buy anything from the luuux store....And i also read that lots of people are having a troubles with their prizes. I mean they bought them about one month ago and have zero information about them. They wrote to luuux but they don`t have any respond. I also wrote to luuux few times but i didn`t got any respond too. What do you think about this ? Is it really ending because of all that spam and stupid people who wrote only kjsdkansdadkh or hello this is cute top ? Really i can`t believe that people write things like that. And that one girl who wrote that she need money for her little brother because he is ill and i found her brother in the google. This is just sick. Writing posts that you are ill, poor and looking for money or extra points.
Tell me guys, is it only me or luuux is really ending ?

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