[Empty Products #1] Part One.

4 years ago

I finally did it. I`m writing my first
emtpies post - not only of the year, but of my entire blog-life. It was about time, I`d say :) The thing is, I don`t like to write lists of products, although I enjoy reading posts like these. I don`t know, only let me know if it`s something you`d like to read more or you just don`t mind. Please. Here`s
part one of the list of those products I managed to finish in the last couple of months -- with love ora lot of effort -- so that I can finally throw all these empty tubes and pots away (and make my mum happy ^__^).
+ La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale In other words, thermal water. I know it`s a little bit controversial, as a lot of people would refuse to pay for, literally, H2O, but it`s definitely more than that. I really like it and I especially use it in Summer, when my skin is really irritated and maybe sun-burned. I`ve used up this sample-sized tube and I`ll probably repurchase a full-sized next summer. I`ve also tried and reviewed the Avene one, which I link http://www.emsheis.com/2012/03/eau-thermale-avene.html, as my thoughts are pretty much the same.
+ La Roche-Posay EFFACLAR Cleansing Gel I really love this brand and especially the EFFACLAR line, as it`s designed for acne-prone and combination skin. It works perfectly, as it cleanses the skin without dehydrating it. I`d repurchase it again and again, but I`ve been testing out another interesting brand right now so I`ll wait a bit.
+ Maison BIO Exfoliating Lotion This is a very gentle face scrub which I love. In three words: amazing, gentle, (nicely) scented. I wrote a review a while ago, which I link http://www.emsheis.com/2012/09/maison-bio-esfoliante-delicato.html.
+ SEPHORA Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover I picked this up very randomly one day, as I needed something to remove waterproof mascara (which I bought thanks to a very nice sale assistant *NOT) and, luckily enough, I liked it. It`s not an amazingly good product, but it does its job pretty decently and, most importantly, it doesn`t irritate my eyes. I`ve already repurchased the full size for 7 euros.
+ Bio Nike Makeup Remover Defence 3 in 1 Not impressed. Not at all. I forced myself to finish this because it was not cheap, but I didn`t like it a bit. It`s one of those 3 in 1 products, it`s supposed to work as a makeup remover/cleanser/toner, but it doesn`t perform well either way. + Hino Essential Eye Cream This was a tiny sample I received a while ago which I`ve finally managed to finish. Does it happen to you too? That you forgot about samples and you keep piling it in your drawers? Anyways, it was nice, although not amazing. I`ll do perfectly without it, sorry.
+ LUSH Mediterraneo My absolute favourite body wash from Lush. It`s a very nice shower gel, it keeps your skin fresh and nourished, but my favourite part is the scent. I love it. Here`s my in-depth http://www.emsheis.com/2012/03/lush-mediterraneo-olive-branch.html, if you`re interested.
Part Two will be up soon, promised :)
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