Emma Watson Got a Tattoo

5 years ago

<strong>Looks like former good girl Emma Watson got herself some permanent art work on her lower back.</strong> It`s a mighty big tattoo, too. I kid. Emma Watson is still the same girl we fell in love with playing Hermoine Granger. She had to get the "tramp stamp" tattoo for her role in the movie <strong>"Bling Ring"</strong>. Actually, we can`t be completely sure it is fake because Watson hasn`t directly told anyone if it is real or not, but there is a good chance it isn`t. I don`t think she would have gotten one so large and meaningless.

On top of the fake ink, Emma Watson got long, brown hair extensions. She has been spotted on set wearing stiletto heels, short shorts, a bra top, and a leather jacket. And these pictures have been making the public go WOW as she shows off that enviably flat stomach of hers. *shakes fits* <em>so jealous....</em>

Emma Watson is playing a character named Nikki, who leads a group of teenagers who rob celebrities. This film is actually based on a true story that happened a few years ago. And to be honest, I think I know who it is based off of. I watched a show on E! Network that talked about one of the daughters being arrested because she and her friends broke into Orlando Bloom`s house and many other A-listers` homes. I forgot what the show was called or who the family was... But their reality show sucked anymore.

<strong>Why is Watson`s stomach so flat?!</strong>

Image 1 source: http://www.accesshollywood.com/photo-emma-watson-goes-bad-girl_article_63321
Other two images from source link

Source link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/13/emma-watson-tattoo-lower-back_n_1423171.html

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