EMK Placental Botanical Skincare Wrinkle Relaxing Toner

I may or may not be in a toner phase this year (leaning more towards the "may"). How does one go from saying "isn`t toner just water? Do you really need something like that?!" to saying "you should get a toner! It balances your skin and makes it feel so good!". I have easily become a bit of a toner-addict. It all started with the Skinceuticals Equalizing Toner, but to be honest, I prefer this EMK Placental Botanical Skincare Wrinkle Relaxing Toner. This might sound weird to someone who isn`t into toners, but the EMK toner makes me feel happy. Ok, let me talk about the product before I get too carried away rambling about my love affair with it!

The packaging is amazing, I absolutely love it and it looks so good on my bathroom counter. I adore the white bottle and gold band, I think it looks luxe. The top screws off and the spout has one of those plastic "fluid-controller-thingys" (I`m sorry, I don`t know it`s official name - it prevents the fluid from over-pouring). I wish it had a spray top like my Skinceuticals one has, because I often have a problem with applying too much toner to my cotton round. I end up using it all anyways, I just smooth it over my neck and decolletage.

The toner consistency is thin like water, but a bit heavier than water. It feels soft, it smooths over the skin so easily and you can even feel it hydrating your skin as you`re applying it. The toner smells AMAZING! It smells clean, fresh, lightly floral, delicate and feminine. This toner is a gentle formula, my skin is sensitive, especially after exfoliating, but the toner has never felt tingly or burning. The EMK toner always makes my skin feel refreshed, clean and hydrated. It firms my skin, but not in a dried-out-tightness kind of way, it just feels young and perfect. I LOVE the effect it has on my skin! It says it minimizes pores, but I haven`t really noticed that effect - I think my pores are naturally larger-looking. Another wonderful benefit to the toner, on hot and sweaty days (80+ degree weather) I like to use this toner prior to applying my makeup instead of using a primer. Amazingly, it helps my makeup adhere evenly and it prevents my skin from oiling up and ruining my makeup!

The product description uses the word "plump", in all honesty, that`s the perfect word to describe its effect. It`s smooth, hydrating and it plumps up the skin to look perfect. "Perfect" is another word that I use to describe how it makes my skin feel. Using the EMK toner, along with my Skinceuticals skin care routine, has made my skin the happiest it has ever felt in yearrrs! I`m so pleased with this toner, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone - I`d be surprised if someone didn`t like this toner!

http://EMKPlacental.com: Wrinkle Relaxing Toner / 6.6 fl oz / $44.00
Instantly firms, minimizes pores and diminishes wrinkles as it boosts healthy collagen renewal. Great under makeup.
This exceptional wonder-working toner is infused with potent repairing botanicals, amino acids and Bio-Identical Plant Placental Extract to instantly firm and lift skin tone. One sweep of this toner makes skin appear remarkably smooth, radiantly dewy and much younger looking. Daily use will diminish wrinkles, keep skin hydrated and `plump`, and regenerate skin`s collagen structure to restore youthful suppleness.

Bio-Identical Plant Placental Extract improves skin oxygenation and fosters `cell to cell` communication to intensify anti-aging activity of all ingredients and assist in cell regeneration.
Shitake and Reishi Mushroom extracts boost healthy collagen. Clinical tests demonstrate a 64% increase in Fibronectin, skin`s naturally occurring collagen `adhesive` to repair skin`s collagen structure. Tests also show a 110% increase in skin`s key collagen producing enzyme.
Algae Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate protect skin from UV radiation and combat environmental aging while enhancing skin`s healthy moisture balance.
Natural Geranium essential oil has an uplifting aroma and helps boost skin circulation, improve elasticity and balance sebum production.
The perfect under makeup primer.
Benefits all skin types and is superb for sun-damaged skin, dry skin, and skin that has lost its firmness.

*Product(s) mentioned were received for trial and review; these are my honest opinions

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