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5 years ago

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I finally am able to post up the review!!

First off.. does it live up to all its claims?.. no. It says that no matter how short or long the hair.. it will get it.. wrong!.. it doesnt seem to get short hair unless you go over it multiple times.

There are only 3 tweezers.. and they are aligned in a single column vertically. Also requires 2 batteries.

<strong>How does it work?</strong>.. you rotate in a circular motion to grab the hairs.. the longer the hair the better and more effective this products is. It is best to be used for your face and underarms. I don`t recommend it on your legs or arms at all.. because it will just take too long.

<Strong>Was it worth the money</strong>? Since i only paid 5$ for it on ebay, yes it was. I checked online at the emjoi website and they are retailing it for 20$!! now that is a waste of money lol. I am glad i bought.. i think its great for small areas. It works well.. just takes some getting use to.

There was very little pain.. i mean it didn`t hurt at all for me. Then again i tweeze often.. so i probably just got accustomed to it.

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