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5 years ago

Rosacea : a condition where there are a lot of blood vessels in the face (mainly cheek) area therefore making you turn red way much easier.

My sister and I have this condition but, my sister`s condition is better than mine. I can`t really calm myself down so that my redness doesn`t come in. I usually turn red even from the slightest embarassment or I am put on the spot. Trust me sometimes it isn`t that good. Sometimes when people ask me a question and I respond and then everyone comes in hear my response or someone is looking at me, I turn red and people start thinking that I`m lying haha sigh*

Because of our condition, my sister bought this serum by Eminence that can calm our faces.

My review: my opinion it doesn`t seem to work :S however, it is really moisturizing and one or two drops of serum can moisturize one side of my cheek so that is pretty good :) !

<strong> Have you used this before? </strong>

take care
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