Embracing Display Stands to Market Your Brand

5 years ago

Every business is feeling the advertising crunch even in a post-recession world economy. People have less money to spend, and businesses are slowly but surely saturating the advertising landscape with marketing noise. The average consumer is underfunded and oversold, so he naturally begins to tune out all marketing that does not make an immediate impression or correspond to an immediate need. This can spell the death knell for any business that does not have a knack for flair. No matter how good your product is these days, if you cannot cut through the marketing clutter that is bombarding the (much poorer) consumer, your business will suffer some serious consequences. This is true for all businesses, but this is especially true for a new business that has not had a chance to solidify themselves in their industry. If you have a business like this, you run the risk of your brand being ignored by your target market. However, there are ways to break through using the techniques of businesses that have worked in the past. One of the most successful of these techniques was, and continues to be to this day, the display stand. The display stand works for most businesses because it is versatile. The most modern of display stands and http://www.marlerhaley.co.uk/ are able to be taken anywhere, even folded up into luggage and taken to remote conventions. Unless you have actually done this, you cannot imagine the hassle and the money that this saves business owners. Imagine having a completely mobile and collapsible display stand at your disposal. This means that you will no longer have to rent overpriced tables and supplies from convention owners looking to make a quick buck off of desperate convention-goers. And all that money you save can go straight into marketing your brand. However, this is hardly the only advantage of a display stand. Display stands also give a business the opportunity to stand out in any crowd simply by virtue of its dominant physical presence in any environment. Display stands come in such variety that they can become the center of attention in any setting. If you need height, you can get a display stand with a banner on the top. If you need dimension, you can add on a section to a display stand that encroaches (ever so slightly) into the walk space. If everyone else has all of the physical components that you have and you need sound, you can modify a display stand to accommodate a video game system or a CD/mp3 player. Display stands are also much cheaper than many marketing alternatives. If you outsource too much of your marketing, you risk spending too much money. One way to keep your marketing in house, get people`s attention, and still get the return on investment is a mobile display stand. They can easily spread the word about your brand and product at the weekly farmer`s market. You can then take it down and have it right back up in two days at the county fair. People will get used to seeing you as a force to be reckoned with. Once they start seeing you, they will begin trusting you. This trust is what sells products, even more than product quality or any sort of marketing gimmick. Your display stand can play an intimate role in creating your relationship with your customer.

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