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5 years ago

So while I was in South Asia my aunt gave me a makeup palette/beauty box by Elysee. I`ve never heard of this company before, but the eyshadows and blushes are beautiful! I actually didn`t like the top section or bottom section so I threw them out. Generally speaking, the packaging is kinda sucky, although I do appreciate the idea behind boxes like these. I`ve actually depotted everything I like since taking these pictures and will probably stick them in a palette together:).

So the top section has a mirror and HAD lipsticks in pot form, but I threw it out, lol. The bottom section had a chalky light pink face powder and potted lip glosses that sucked so I also threw those out. But the middle two sections are amazing! I used the eyeshadows and blushes throughout my trip without even wanting to use my normal makeup. The blushes especially are SUPER pigmented and go on soo smooth. The eyeshadows are a bit on the sheer side but not to the point that they don`t look nice; in fact, I can wear any of the colours to work because of the light wash they give.

She had ordered the box from the US (which is ironic because I can get American makeup, but I cant get Asian makeup, and she gave me American makeup in Asia lol) so I assume maybe people in the US have access to this brand? Let me know if you`ve tried anything from them and like it. I definitely like what I`ve kept from this beauty box and will use it loads!

I hope you guys enjoyed:) and Happy Luuuxing!

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