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8 months ago

Hello my fellow Luuuxers !

I wanted to share with you something I wish I had known about or been told about at an early age. What is it you say? Well , it`s the all mighty sunscreen. Why is it that important? Prevention, that`s the key word, prevention. Yes, it`s always in someone`s best interest to prevent than to fix. And besides, prevention is easier than repairing cause it`s not always guaranteed that you can repair everything. And that means your skin.

As a kid I`d always go out with my friends or just hang out in the backyard with my brothers and sisters and I never once put sunscreen on. The only time I ever put sunscreen on was when I did volunteer work in Detroit. And that was because I got sunburn. After that, I never once touched sunscreen again. Bad move, seriously.

The damage it has done to my face is nearly irreversible. You could tell that I have sun damage done to my face. For example, freckles and lots of it. Wrinkles that were most likely cause by the sun. Not a lot but enough for me to notice it.
But after finding out the pros of wearing sunscreen I tried to find the right one for my skin. I`ve tried different brands but wasn`t really satisfied how it looked or felt afterwards. Some were too greasy and some left behind a white cast. Some even left a white residue after a couple of hours into the wear.

But not until my mom introduced me to Skin Ceuticals sunscreen. I liked it but it still left me with a white cast if over applied. But it was the best I`ve tried. So I hoped onto Amazon in hopes of ordering it but woah, it was really pricey. Then I stumbled upon the Elta MD one by accident on Amazon and quickly read the great reviews and place an order so I could try it out.

The Elta MD sunscreen is UV Broad spectrum with SPF 45. It`s for oily to normal skin. It`s claims to be oil free, lightweight , contains transparent zinc oxide, and UVA/ UVB protection. You can use it both on your face and body. It`s also fragrance free, paraben free, sensitivity free and noncomedogenic. The bottle I bought is 3oz for $17.06 and they also have a bigger 7oz for $27.62. This might still be a little more expensive than the ones sold at drugstores, but I`ve tried enough that I`ve given up on them. Another thing is that it`s made in the USA.

This sunscreens active ingredients are zinc oxide and octinoxate. This is more of a physical sunscreen than a chemical one which I prefer for health reasons. I`ve read online that many recommend using physical sunscreens over chemical.

So far I`ve been using it for two months and it has not broken me out. It doesn`t leave a greasy after feel and no white cast. Goes great under makeup for us ladies out there. And one major thing for me is that it`s paraben free as stated on the box.

Now Elta MD has more than just one kind of sunscreen out there. They have a sport one with higher SPF, one for dry skin and many more.

I`m definitely going to order the bigger size when done with my current tube. I just wish I`d known about sunscreen at an early age, maybe some of the damage to my skin could`ve been prevented. But as people say, it`s never too late.

Elta MD


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