E.l.f Wet Gloss Lash amp Brow Mascara in Clear.

4 years ago

Hey guys :)

I had this e.l.f clear mascara still in its package and put away. Totally forgot about it but today I saw it and decided to try it.
One side is for your lashes and the other for brows. Both sides have clear gel and both sides have the same wand. I have never used clear anything for eyelashes or my brows. Well actually yes a clear mascara once which did not work for me did not keep my lashes curled. So usually just waterproof black mascara for my lashes and a little hairspray to tame some brow hairs occasionally :). I doubt ill use it the lash side so to test it out i used both sides on my brows to set them. I used the lash side on my left brow and the actual brow gel on my right brow. From the start I was not expecting it to really work because it only cost me 1 dollar but let me tell you this actually really works. It actually gets hard but still movable. I have heard that some brow gels do set really stiff but with e.l.f not at all. I totally love it and it was so cheap. I`m totally gonna buy me some more. E.l.f products are so stepping up the game with there products. I`m a big fan of e.l.f now :D. Have any of you tried this e.l.f Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Mascara in Clear? Are you guys fans of it? Please leave a comment :)

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