ELF St. Lucia vs. NARS Orgasm amp Laguna

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I recently picked up the ELF blush/bronzer duo, which is now renamed St. Lucia, from Target because a lot of readers said it is very comparable to the NARS Orgasm and Laguna duo. Since I already owned the two NARS shades, I thought it would be fun to do a product comparison. I`m a long time fan of ELF products, and I enjoy my two NARS products as well.

Based on looks, the shades look completely different. Orgasm looks darker and golder than the blush in the ELF St. Lucia duo. Laguna looks lighter, tawnier and more shimmery than the bronzer in the ELF St. Lucia duo.

When swatched the shades still look very different. Orgasm came off pinker and shimmery-er than the blush in the ELF St. Lucia duo, which came off as a deeper pink and much less shimmer than expected from looking at the pan. Laguna came off lighter and shimmery-er than the bronzer in the ELF St. Lucia duo, which came off as a deep milk chocolate shade with very minimal shimmer.

When worn the blushes look nearly the same, Orgasm is much more pigmented needing only one application and some blending out, while the blush from the ELF St. Lucia duo needed a few applications and light handed blending as it is very lightweight and needs more of a pressing application than a brush-on approach. Orgasm had the pink tone with golden sheen, while the blush from the ELF St. Lucia duo was just pink and lost that slight gold shimmer. The bronzer from the ELF St. Lucia duo was much more pigmented than Laguna, it only needed one application and a whole lot of blending, there was no shimmer. Laguna applied pretty light in comparison, it needed a few good applications and some light blending, it had a moderate sheen to it.

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