ELF Smokey Eye Beauty Book Review!

I was so excited when I saw these beauty books at my Target. I have plenty of neutrals and the brights seemed strange to me so I picked up this one. There`s a lot of pros and cons to this beauty book. The price is amazing. Five dollars for twelve shadows is an amazing deal. Even if you don`t like every shadow its not a huge waste of money and there has to be at least one you like. The packaging is adorable in its shape of a book. Now with a big con. Some of shadows in this book are just sparkle. Some of them have great pigmentation and are amazing for a smoky eye, but a good deal of them are just a glittery mess. So some of these shadows work, some don`t. I`ll break it down for you.

First shadow in book(Matte white)- Good matte highlight, is soft and blends well

Second(Glittery grey)-This is probably my favorite shadow in the bunch. Even though it has glitter, it still has great pigmentation, slight fallout and is ideal for a sparkly smoky eye.

Third(Matte Black)- This is a ridiculously pigmented matte black. It`s perfect for liner, in the crease, anything. It`s one of the best shadows in this palette,

Fourth(Shimmery Silver)- A decent silver with shimmer.

Fifth(Sparkly Sky Blue)- Awful pigmentation, just a pastel shadow with sparkle

Sixth(Matte Green)- Interesting, pigmented smooth green. Not too sure how to use it yet though.

Seventh(Sparkly Tan)- One of the better sparkly shadows. It has a bit more pigmentation.

Eighth(Rusty Red Sparkly color)- The worst shadow in this palette. No pigmentation, just sparkle.

Ninth(Decent Yellow Sparkly)- Yellow soft sparkly shadow, decently

Tenth(Tangerine sparkly)- I found this a very strange color to be a smoky eye palette because it`s orange, but its all sparkles once again.

Eleventh(Satin Taupe Dupe)- This color is almost a dead on dupe for MAC`s Satin Taupe. It`s texture is even smoother than it. It beautiful, shimmery and ideal for a smoky eye. Anyone who`s interested in Satin Taupe must try this!

Twelfth(Coppery Brown)- A nice, shimmery brown color. Good for everyday and for a smoky eye. Good quality.
I`d say I would repurchase this again because there`s amazing colors in here, but I just warn you of the sparkles! I posted swatches of the color to show you their true pigmentation. Be careful and happy shopping :)

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