Elf professional line brushes! :(

4 years ago

At first glance you`d see these brushes and think, "Woah! One dollar a brush! That`s AMAZING!" But let me tell you, these brushes are one dollar for a REASON.

I am so dissapointed with these elf professional line brushes. They are sooo scratchy, not soft at all, and two of the three I have broke within the first month!

The three elf brushes that I have are the bronzing brush, eyeshadow brush, and total face brush.

Bronzing Brush: Flimsy, broke on me, and a bit scratchy. I was so sad because I needed a good contouring bronzer brush but this just did NOT work out for me.

Eyeshadow Brush: I don`t hate this brush but I don`t particularly like it either. I`m happy that unlike my other two elf brushes this one didn`t break or shed! However sometimes it doesn`t pick up all of the pigment that I want or it picks it up in clumps. The application is okay, I would consider the brush to be pretty mediocre.

Total Face Brush: I dread using this brush-- it actually hurts my face! Ouch! Not soft at ALL, broke, and hardly picks up any product! Please do not waste your valuable dollar on this horrible brush! I cannot stress enough how awful this brush was for me.

I did not mean to offend anyone who does like these brushes, this is just my opinion on them. If they work out for you, that`s great! I was just not happy with how these brushes turned out for me.

I would not reccomend these brushes. However, if you`re looking for some cheap brushes if you`re starting out in makeup or are looking to save money, I have recently discovered Target`s up and up brand of brushes. So far I really do like them and I hope to post a more in depth review on them for the future.

Thanks for reading guys! I am in no way bashing the name of elf! I LOVE elf makeup but these brushes are not at the same level as their cosmetics.

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