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Hey everybody! This weekend, on Sunday, I traveled to the next city over and saw the Hobbit which BTW is amazing- my god the music is overwhelmingly powerful in that movie. It`s hilarious and beautiful! And LEE PACE, can we just talk about how this man deserves an award for the best fierce look and fierce character for the two minutes of a non talking role he received in that movie?! No one has ever made me feel as blown away as lee pace in that role!!! Anyways, afterwards I went to target to check out some items for a local charity and since my target is so very tiny this target was like a sans club! So big! I`m also very small, so the store ate me up! :) Of course I took a circuitous path towards the clearance (always a good place to start), I found myself in the makeup! I bought some new makeup which we can talk about later. One of which the items I bought was the elf powder brush. Every guru ever has raved about this brush OVER AND OVER. Sadly, my target did not carry this and I`m not paying three dollars plus a ridiculous $6.95 for the product online. Luckily, there was ONE powder brush left in the entire store and it was a good three dollars!! Yay!! It is the softest thing I`ve ever felt but I still need to use it before fully reviewing it. I`m scared that if I use it, I`ll have to clean and it and by using water and baby shampoo on the Brush hair I will somehow manage to ruin the soft, rabbit like feel of the brush! Can`t wait to eventually try it, though! Thanks for reading! Thoughts? Leave below please!

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