ELF mascara primer - review

5 years ago

ELF Mascara primer

I posted a huge ELF haul a WHILE back (You can see the original haul here:
http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/huge-elf-haul-12?blog_id=46165 ) and there are still some products I have been meaning to post reviews for, so Im going to try to do some more over the next few days .... I try to use each product at least a few times before posting reviews, so its taken me a while to get all these up :P

One of the products I was really excited about was this ELF mascara primer. When I first started getting into make up in junior high, I was really obsessed with mascaras. It was the one thing I would wear every day, and I still love testing a trying all sorts of mascaras. I remember one of my first ever mascaras was a dual ended one with a primer on one end, and the mascara on the other end. I remember using this mascara ALL the time and I especially liked the primer on it, since I could see how much length it would add to my lashes, while the mascara end would then add fullness. I would even use the primer with other mascaras since I liked it so much.
So when I saw this product, I thought it would be the perfect thing for me to mix and match with my other mascaras.

However, after trying this product multiple times, I have to say, I havent been very impressed. I feel as if the formula is too runny, and it doesnt really stick to the lashes. It is really hard to get the product onto the brush and then onto your lashes.

In the end, my lashes feel kinda sticky, but it actually makes putting on my mascara evenly more difficult since my lashes are stuck together. Instead of helping my lashes, it clumps them together before I even get to my mascara.

While my general impression of the products from my haul has been good, this product is not one I will be re-purchasing.

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