ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry Review amp Swatches

4 years ago

Hi Luuuxer! So a while ago, I won a giveaway and recieved a $25 ELF gift card which I used on the website. Since I recieved alot of products, I decided that I should probably do reviews over some of the products so today I`m starting my first review! I`m probably going to be doing alot of reviews in the future of all the ELF products that I now have LOL =D Today, I`m doing a review over the <strong>ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry</strong>! I`ve heard a lot about this product which is why I ended up wanting to try this!

<strong>Pigmentation</strong> 4/5
This product is really pigmented! I really liked the pigmentation of it but it wasn`t as dark as it could have been. In the picture, it looks kind of light because I did a really light swatch but it does show up more, usually. Haha, excuse the black marks all over my hands because I was swatching something for my Youtube channel and it happened to be black eyeliner. Anyways, this product has nice pigmentation but it could be a bit better. I`m sure that some of the other colors in this Luscious Liquid Lipstick line have better pigmentation though because I chose one of the lighter shades!

<strong>Packaging</strong> 2.5/5
I`m not a big fan of the packaging at all. Its one of the twist dispensers which means that when I twist at first, no product comes out. Then a bunch ends up gushing out when I least expect it and then a bunch of this liquid lipstick ends up being wasted because of all the excess that comes out. The plastic tube that it comes in feels kind of cheap as well and the applicator is kind of like a felt tip which I`m not a fan of. The packaging is definitely as miss for me! The one good thing about it though, is that the packaging is really condensed and small so its really easy to throw into my purse of something.

<strong>Color</strong> 5/5
For me, this was definitely a hit color for me! It adds a perfect hint of color to my lips instead of being too pigmented or sheer. I like how it gives a more natural color because its really easy to use for summer! I think that this color would also be really suitable for most people because its not really a defined color. This product has a decent color selection as well so I`m pretty sure that you will be able to find your shade!

<strong>Texture/ Consistency</strong> 5/5
This is definitely one of the high points of this liquid lipstick! The texture is really smooth and creamy without being thick on my lips at all. It doesn`t feel like there`s much product on my lips at all, maybe just a really light and non-sticky lipgloss! This product doesn`t have any unpleasant texture. I would say that its more of a lipgloss than a liquid lipstick though, haha x)

<strong>Smell/ Taste</strong> 5/5
I LOVE this product because there is no taste as far as I can tell! I love good tasting stuff but it can become a hassle sometimes because I end up licking it off of my lips without realizing it and then I waste lots of product like that *-* This product doesn`t have any taste so I don`t have to worry about the taste! As for the smell, there`s a light smell that is sort of fruity but its so light that I didn`t notice it until I put my nose right against it and sniffed. Even then, it was a light smell. I love how it smells!

<strong>Overall</strong> 4/5
Overall, this is a 4/5 product! I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to a friend. The only thing that I would change if I could would be the packaging because I find that I hate the twist packaging. Its suck a hassle and wastes a lot of product but I still recommend this nonetheless. For a buck, you can`t go wrong with these!

Have you tried the <strong>ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick</strong> before?

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