ELF Little Black Beauty Book in Warm Review amp Swatches

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! I already explained why I`m going to be doing more reviews now over ELF products so I`m not going to waste my space x) In this post, I`m going to be doing a review and some swatches over the <strong>ELF Little Black Beauty Book in Warm</strong>. I got this in my latest package and I was honestly expecting it to be bigger but its just the size of my hand! It is SO cute and I can`t wait to get to the review :D

<strong>Packaging</strong> 4.5/5
I LOVE the packaging! The product is packaged in a glossy little flip book sort of thing with the words "Little Black Beauty Book Warm Edition" in white on the front . Then when you open it up, it has two sides on the inside, kind of like a book, but with eyeshadow colors all over it! On the inside, there is a nice sturdy mirror where you can look into if you need to touch up makeup. Although I don`t use it much, it can become very useful. I love this packaging but the only reason I took off a bit is that sometimes the magnet that holds the book shut isn`t strong enough and the book opens by itself when I don`t want it to. Other than that, its greatly packaged!

<strong>Pigmentation/ Color</strong> 4/5
So I did some swatches of colors (if you look at the pictures) I tried to get some colors that were all kind of different that would reflect the overall color so that you could get the overall image because obviously, not all the colors in this palette would fit onto my arms alone for swatches! While some of the colors are really pigmented, others tend to be kind of weaker. I noticed that the bolder or darker colors like blues, greens, dark browns, etc. tend to be really pigmented while the lighter colors don`t show up as well but still fairly decently. I would say that the pigmentation is decent, especially for what you`re paying for! The colors are really good too. There are 2 options: the warm palette and the cool palette. I got the warm one because I`m warm toned and I thought that it would suit my skin tone better. The cool toned palette has more blues and purples while the warm palette has more greens, yellows, and browns.

<strong>Texture/ Application/ Lasting Power</strong> 4/5
I find that these ELF eyeshadows actually have pretty decent texture! I know that lots of people complain that there is usually a lot of fall-out but this didn`t happen to me. The colors were very easy to apply and there was only a little bit that came off. One thing that bothers me a little bit though, is that whenever I take my brush and get some eyeshadow onto it, there is a bunch left around that my brush didn`t pick up =.= Haha, but I really do like this product. The lasting power was pretty decent. It lasted a whole day for me which I consider pretty impressive!

<strong>Overall</strong> 4.5/5
Overall, this product is great! I definitely recommend this or the cool palette to anyone who needs a great palette for an affordable price because the pros completely outrule the cons and the cons aren`t even much to worry about at all! For $5, you are definitely going to be getting your money`s worth

<strong>Have you tried this palette before?</strong>

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