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I`m on a very strict budget and my MAC is going,going almost gone and I was looking for some serious makeup products that dont make my face orange or pink ! I would ask my friends but they are everything MAC, which is sometimes lame , LOL. No offense but c`mon with 4 kids and a deep budget I was in need for some beauty makeup help, so all you luuuxers who did reviews on e.l.f on you tube and on here helped me out on making a choice so I thank yall for that. Ok so I finally get around to the e.l.f. make up and I find myself stuck since this was the first time purchasing e.l.f. I couldnt decide what I wanted to buy or what I needed , they have products thats I was kinda iffy on buying but I now dont regret it at all ! I was hoping I wouldnt have to give it to my 11 year old to play with LOL. I am proud to say that I am hooked. The only thing is though that I cant find a foundation available at all ! Not even online . They are of stock. I am kinda disapointed but the tinter works great for my skin for now.
*eyelash curler $1.00- i wear falsies but comes in handy
*Golden Bronzer $3-if you know how to use it, it adds a pretty glow :)
*black and white pencil eyeliners with sharpeners $1- they are a lil hard for first time use but just warm them up and they will be good to go
*makeup mist and set $3- love it ! i honestly feel the freshness in my pores
*therapeutic conditioning balm $1-love it, it leaves my lips silky
*waterproof lengthening mascara $3
*lip primer & plumper $3
*eyeliner and shadow stick $3
all in all im in love with e.l.f studio products.
Whats you favorite e.l.f product ?
Has anyone tryed their foundation in the studio line?

*pics are mine*

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